Konken Studio Konken Studio - Bei der Aufnahme

Studio 1
is optimized for complex film dubbing and offers modern technology at the highest level.It was built in 1992 and offers video projection on a cinema screen of size of about  24 sqm and a sound system which corresponds to the guidelines of Dolby and THX.

In 1999 our studio became digital. With it we were the first studio in Germany which uses the format Dolby Digitally Surround EX (K├Ąpt’n Blaub├Ąr). The acquisition of the same mixing desk “AMS-Neve DFC“ÔÇÜ which also used for the movie “Star Wars – Episode 1”.
In 2014 we took the next step and changed the console into a “AVID-S6”.

Studio 2
is designed for video projection , but of slightly smaller size. It is therefore optimized for the DVD and TV market. However, it can be also used for smaller film mixtures. This studio offers an alternative solution for film productions with a narrow budget. The Studio 2 is as well as Studio 1 equipped with Dolby-Components for film mixtures.